Personalised Medicine

Cambridge is currently leading on an effort to introduce personalised medicine approaches to men with primary disease.

Molecular profiling in primary aggressive non-metastatic disease

Primary aggressive prostate cancer has a significant relapse and progression rate despite radical therapy. It is well recognising that at the moment these men have few options of treatment escalation and treatment failure occurs in up to 50%.  Recent data suggest a benefit from genomic profiling in men with castrate refractory disease but the value of such tests in primary disease is unknown. Accurate pre-treatment tumour characterisation and optimal patient selection has hitherto been challenging in planning precision medicine approaches in these men. We have undertaken work to deliver a prototype model to synergise data from high-quality imaging, guided biopsies, individualised prognostic (characterised by the PREDICT prostate) and mutation analysis at the point of diagnosis.

This work has been presented as a model for molecular profiling and is now being used to consider potential therapeutic trials in this space. See here for a video of our approach to personalised medicine.