Basic Science

Working across the University of Cambridge, in the Cambridge Biomedical Campus allows us to tap into a wealth of expertise in the basic sciences exploring the biology of early disease.

Much of our work is based using the human as a model within the context of everybody practised to answer clinically relevant questions. Some of our basic science projects include:

  • PI3 kinase signalling in Prostate Cancer
  • Prostate models for drug discovery
  • DNA damage repair mechanisms for targeted therapies
  • Methylation markers in early detection of prognostically important disease

In addition, Cambridge is a key partner of the International Cancer Genome Prostate Consortium (ICGC) and Pan Prostate Cancer Group (PPCG) where we are major contributors to the database and samples as well as analysis of the data. Cambridge members also sit in the steering committee of the PAN Prostate Cancer Group, which includes a collection of over 1,000 Prostate Cancers which have been sequenced collaboratively.

Please see profiles of our partners –

Dr Charlie Massie, Dr Harveer Dev, Dr Simon Pacey and Dr Jorge de la Rosa, who specialise and lead in our basic science field.