About Us


Cambridge Prostate Cancer is a virtual network of researchers and clinicians with an interest in advancing knowledge about Prostate Cancer, and the care of patients by combining state of the art clinical diagnostics and world class research. With research we aim to improve all aspects of the disease from precision detection to novel therapies in aggressive disease.

Through an interactive network we undertake both research and excellence in clinical service delivery to enhance outcomes at every stage of the disease. We aim to optimise the initial management paradigm so that fewer men develop relapse and progress to life limiting disseminated disease and hence improve survival.

Cambridge Prostate Cancer rates of prostate cancer in the UK

Our Ethos

Our ethos is to undertake research that delivers innovations across the board from primary detection of life limiting disease, appropriate prognostic stratification, early treatment escalation and application of personalised medicine strategies. To achieve this, we undertake a broad spectrum of research linking laboratory sciences, translational clinical trial sand implementation to service and practice change. 

We leverage the multi-disciplinary skills sets in Cambridge through the Translational Prostate Cancer Group, Cambridge Cancer Centre, Cambridge University Hospitals Departments of Urology & Oncology and the wider University of Cambridge campus.

We also aim to make any innovations affordable and accessible to all men with no matter where they are diagnosed and managed worldwide. To achieve this, our research is imbedded within standard of care clinical pathways and many of our investigators are clinicians who directly care for patients. 

Our clinic to bench to clinic approach underscores a number of our diverse research programmes.  Many of our research themes also include patient public involvement groups to inform and guide us in our ideas so that they remain grounded in patient facing care.